Core System


  • Let your users access to their schedule online !

Hosting and Support

  • Saas / Hosted Solution: Ready to use !
  • Upgrade, Maintenance and Support
  • Access to the extranet of


  • Send messages to any people
  • Receive message directly in your inbox


  • Get notifications on the website and by email
  • Examples: when you get a new E-mail, a new mention or a new reply.


  • Get a database system of the administrative staff of your school(s)
  • Give access to your staff to your solution and let them manage the data of your school


  • Get a database system of the students of your school(s)
  • Let your students access your solution


  • Get a database system of theteachers of your school(s)
  • Let your teachers access your solution and manage their course data

Plugins : Courses


  • Note the absences of your students
  • They receive a notification once they have been registered as absent
  • Students can consult the total of their absences


  • Teachers will be able to create assignments for their course
  • Assignments will be visible in the calendar of your users
  • Students can send the assignments to the teacher on the plateform


  • Show the list of your courses and their content
  • Recurring and single courses
  • Create a virtual class with visioconference that can be accessed from internet
  • Show the schedule of your courses in the calendar of your users


  • Let your teachers create examens for their course
  • Your students will receive a notification once an exam has been created by their teacher
  • The exams will be displayed in the calendar of your users


  • Choose your teaching objectives for each of your courses
  • Validate one or several teaching objectives with an assignment or an exam


  • Your students will be able to view the marks of their exams and their assignments
  • Each student has a temporary report card with his annual and half-yearly score

Plugins : School


  • Get new calendars for your school !
  • Teachers Calendar
  • Classrooms Calendar
  • Classes Calendar


  • Manage several schools with only one website and solution
  • View the content of one school (schedule, exams, assignments...) from the front-end thanks to our fiter


  • List all your references and ressources
  • Your members will be able to find them through the search engine

Plugins : Communication


  • Get a system of advertisements for your members
  • They will be able to post tutoring offers or to sell their belongings


  • Create important alerts for your school(s) and your classes
  • Your students will receive a message of the alert right after


  • Write Articles and News for your School through a blog


  • Let your users and staff send documents to one or several other users


  • Add events that will automatically be displayed in the calendar of your users


  • Create one or several forums for your community
  • Your members will be able to create subjects and talk about it between each other


  • Create one or several groups (classes, student associations, teacher groups) for your users
  • Your groups will have their own community, their wall and their forum for communicating between each other


  • Improve your messaging system with Messaging+
  • Yours users can send files (pictures, documents) attached to their emails
  • Auto-save, Labels, Drafts, WYSIWYG Editor

Users Blog

  • Your users can have their own blog
  • Make their articles accessible to the community


  • Get a wiki for your community and encourage your members to write their knowledge related to your courses

Plugins : Working Life


  • Create an internship on the system for your teacher, your student and also his company
  • All of them will have their private space (wall and forum) for exchanging about the internship


  • Give the opportunity for your users to post job offers and internships
  • Your community will be able to contact the recruiter for applying for the position


  • Let the users upload their resume on the plateform


  • Create Tasks for your internship: they will be visible in the calendar of the student
  • Once a task is created, the student receives a notification of a new task
  • The student will have the possibility to tell when the task is done

Plugins : Users


  • Create a community for the previous students of your school
  • View their professional situation and consult their CV
  • Link your students with your old students with the messaging system


  • Give access to your partners (companies and organizations) to your solution
  • Encourage them to post job offers, internships and events
  • Give the opportunity for your community to contact your partners through the directory


  • Show the list of all the users of your school per role (student, teacher, staff and more)
  • Search and easily find a user for contacting him


  • Create parent users and connect them to their child(s)
  • Parents have access to the schedule and all the data of their childs on the system